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Cardboard Sphinx of Hatshepsut

: Cardboard Sphinx of Hatshepsut 123D Make [hand cut] This was my first time using a cool software called 123D Make. To navigate to 123D Make: 1. 2. This will display a menu of construction options. This will generate patterns for the cardboard pieces. I chose to use a light application of stick glue.This was my first time using a cool software called 123D Make. I wanted to get the hang of the various options and see how easy it would be to make a fairly curvy model without a laser cutter or cardboard cutter. As it turns out, that’s rather difficult, or at least tedious.A word of caution: Halfway through the cutting process, I found myself openly objectifying cardboard. "Oh, that’s a beautiful piece." "That crease simply won’t do." I also experienced cramping of the hand muscles. If you choose to hand cut the cardboard, I STRONGLY recommend selecting a project with few pieces and no fine details.Because I wanted to focus on learning how to use 123D Make, I chose to download a 3D model from Thingiverse, rather than make my own, to expedite the prototyping process. For my next foray into 123D Make, I plan to make my own model.This Sphinx of Hatshepsut was modeled by beekeeper on Thingiverse. Interestingly, this model was created using another 123D product, 123D Catch. The modeler took somewhere between thirty and seventy photos of the 15,000 pound granite sphinx at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and used the software to stitch the photos together into a three dimensional model.

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ralph lauren outlet online after all since Banker’s really run the World this could be the number one reason.

Extreme Weather is Another Sign of Nibiru Planet X and the Polar Shift

Pillars of FireThe first Firenado ever recorded on video, although it has been mentioned many times in ancient text as ‘Pillars of Fire’ in the Bible. The quote below is part of Exodus from the Bible in which Moses leads his people to safety.

Many of the events of the Exodus such as the parting of the Red Sea have been compared to descriptions of a Polar Shift . . .

And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:

Signs of the Polar ShiftOnce you become aware of what to look for, learning to read between the lines to determine the truth in mainstream media reports, becomes much easier. In this article I hope to shed some light on some extreme weather events that have made the news and yet the ‘whole’ story was not told in order to keep the public from connecting the dots to the ongoing Polar Shift and ultimately Nibiru Planet X.

Many people have been wondering why the presence of the Nibiru Planet X planetary complex would be kept from the public’s awareness, this is done for the purpose of control.

The Powers That Be fear what the public’s reaction will be to the news that not only is there a large planet in our solar system but that it has been here for at least TEN years and is responsible for not only ‘Global Warming’, but ‘Climate Change’ as well.

They fear that the public will stop going to work, that they will use this as a reason to riot. Those in power fear that by going public it will cause such outrage and hysteria as to cost many of those in power their jobs and their security.

They also fear the public will withdrawal all their money from banking institutions and stop paying their bills, creating an economic crisis, after all since Banker’s really run the World this could be the number one reason.

Certainly many in power feel the public has a right to know but fear that leaking this information could be detrimental to their immediate health. Many astronomers have attempted to do just that over the last ten years and ALL of them have met with tragic deaths under suspicious circumstances.

This is why it is important to recognize the signs of the Polar Shift on your own, after all even when they do eventually go public with this life changing information, how will anyone be able to trust them after realizing they have been lying to you for decades.

That being said let’s take a look at some of the signs that perhaps the whole story isn’t being told in the mainstream media when extreme weather events happen worldwide.

When Flooding Isn’t Caused By RainOften times you will read about major floods occurring that is supposedly cause by torrential downpours and yet very little rain fell at all. Sometimes the rain that supposedly caused the flooding occurred in the mountains many miles away. Often times these floods will happen to towns that are on or near the coastline of seas or the ocean.

What is not being reported is seismic activity in the region that is causing river beds and coastlines to either rise or fall. It has been largely recognized but rarely reported that when earthquakes and seismic activity happens in a particular region that it also triggers extreme weather in the area, such as tornadoes, lightening and thunderstorms.

This has been happening worldwide and because only the locals are aware of the weather conditions and often times are more concerned with their own safety than correcting mainstream media reports this kind of information is put out without anyone refuting it.

Another sign to look for is reports of bridges collapsing and railway derailments, however this maybe reported as train delays, power outages and traffic light system’s malfunctioning causing traffic jams.

The rash of bridge collapses in America in the last ten years has been blamed primarily on old infrastructures and under maintained bridges and rarely has the cause been attributed to seismic activity or earthquakes.

Another common tactic is to report only the injuries, location and damages without reporting the cause, this allows the public to make up the rest. If an eyewitness can be told what ‘happened’ then they will fill in the blanks to the story.

"Everyone ‘knows’ flooding is caused by rain or hurricanes or dams breaking, but don’t equate earthquakes with flooding!"

How many people have claimed to have seen a ‘car accident’ and yet when questioned it is revealed that they heard the ‘collision’ but the only thing they ‘saw’ was the aftermath.

The point to this type of reporting is to maintain the media blackout on the presence of Nibiru Planet X in our solar system. This planet is four times the size of Earth but 23 times as dense (think in terms of a lead ball compared to a baseball, both being the same size) which creates a strong magnetic force in the solar system.

This force has caused the Earth’s Wobble to increase creating the conditions for the Arctic Ice to melt, for tectonic plates (Ring of Fire) to slide around and shift and volcanic activity to increase. It also causes the Earth’s Ocean’s to move or slosh around creating more shipping accidents, such as the Costa Concordia.

The mainstream media has been forbidden to report the real reason for many of these ‘accidents’ and sometimes have had to be creative so as not to sound like complete fools. Of course, anyone that tries to report the truth is instantly labelled a conspiracy freak or my favorite term a ‘Nutard’.

That being said let’s take a look at some recent extreme weather, railway derailments, bridge collapses and flooding events and see if the BS Detector begins to start spinning wildely, shall we!?

Other Extreme Weather Events of 2012Powerful typhoon injures dozens, causes traffic disruptions and blackouts as it heads to Tokyo although this area of the world is used to this kind of weather this typhoon caused major flooding.

Brr isbane’s out cold as longest winter weather chillin 17 years makes us shiver is the headline for record breaking weather in Australia as the month of August is coldest in 40 years.

Trans Canada at Sask. Alberta border still shut supposedly due to torrential rain and yet photograph after photograph show nothing but blue skies and sinkholes.

Japan Snowstorm Kills 52, Crushes Steel Bridge when it dumps over ten feet of snow in a little over two months.

DERECHO IN DC: SCIENCE AND SURPRISE this incredible strong windstorm swept across the Midwest from Chicago to DC destroying everything in its path. I have highlighted in bold the sentence fragments which caused my BS Detector to begin spinning!

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Advanced Business Hosting

they integrate more online functions into their core business, SMBs have a growing need for secure and reliable hosting, making resources like those from Verio increasingly important for long term success. product of extensive research on the needs of today SMBs, Advanced Business Hosting was designed to address SMBs demand for simple to use hosting solutions that can host a standard informational website, but are also able to confidently host business critical applications in secure environment as the business grows.

Subscribe to WHIR Newsletters Get Our Exclusive Report on "The Hosting Infrastructure Ecosystem".

Advanced Business Hosting offers scalability so that businesses can grow their website as their business needs grow, and specifically tailor packages to meet specific web, email and database needs, all managed from an intuitive control panel. It also features security hardened applications, secure email, security monitoring and automatic patches and updates, providing customers with more security than a traditional shared hosting plan.

The private resource containerization also makes the service more reliable by separating each website from other sites on the server, making them unaffected by other websites high traffic, email demands or a corrupt databases.

Advanced Business Hosting offers three unique plans to meet the needs of today SMB market, which are all available to reseller channels. At $9.95, the Web is a simple turn key solution to host private email and up to four unique websites. Web at $29.95 provides more resources and flexibility for e commerce, and multi media, as well as private database server space, and the ability to host up to 8 unique websites.

At $84.95, Web gives users the ability to maximize all available email, web server and database resources to cover periods of high usage and growth, and provide the highest level of turnkey performance without migrating to a private server solution, as well as the ability to host up to 16 unique websites.

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Colocation Firm Latisys to Open Second Data Center in Orange County

In addition to doubling the high density, raised floor square footage available to Latisys customers, the new Orange County facility will deliver colocation, cloud services and managed hosting services, and access to a wide selection of existing redundant fiber networks.

The data center will accommodate customer deployments ranging in size from single cabinets and colocation cages to large private suites.

Customer installations will be ready for deployment in the second quarter of 2011, says the company.

expansion announcement reflects a sizable investment and commitment to Orange County enterprise customers, and builds further upon our belief that Latisys is the premier destination for customers that need or want to grow, yet can scale their own infrastructure in the Orange County market today, says Latisys CEO Peter Stevenson.

Latisys provides a range of services, including managed hosting, high density colocation and disaster recovery services, to Fortune 500 firms and mid sized organizations to government agencies.

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ralph lauren outlet online Compounding the damage of the outage was the fact that DreamHost was still earning back whatever goodwill it may have lost when the company suffered a similar outage in September of 2005

Customers Rally Around DreamHost

And in most cases, when faced with a major service outage and widespread customer mutiny, a Web hosting company will retreat from what is usually considered a disaster. While the flood of customer questions can understandably overwhelm a Web host, many issue incomplete announcements, clouding the problem or shifting blame, often leaving customers with a vague and incomplete account of the problem while they await updates that may or may not come. The company published a detailed account of the problems on its blog, explaining the sources of the problem and DreamHost efforts to prevent a reoccurrence. And, perhaps not altogether surprisingly, the posting was met with a widespread, and mostly positive, response from customers.

Compounding the damage of the outage was the fact that DreamHost was still earning back whatever goodwill it may have lost when the company suffered a similar outage in September of 2005, when a confluence of ISP outages and power failures brought its data center offline.

In a post that began with a three weeks DreamHost CEO Josh Jones described a series of incidents that, throughout July, caused the company weeks of problems culminating in several outright outages at the company data center.

I sure most of you already know, we had nothing but troubles, large troubles, for pretty much the last three weeks, he wrote. lot of these troubles were our fault, a couple of them were at least ostensibly beyond our control, and they all compounded each other. says Jones, operates out of a data center owned by Switch and Data in the Garland Building in Los Angeles. Before the company original 2005 outage, he says, the facility informed tenants that power capacity for the building had been met, and with no upgrades planned, it would be difficult to continue building within facilities.

Despite the limitations of the facility, an obviously better option was not available, so DreamHost began seeking out means within the same building to guard against future outages, eventually arranging space in a data center the hall from Switch and Data, operated by Alchemy.

After negotiating connections with Switch and Data, DreamHost set up equipment in the Alchemy data center, and immediately began experiencing configuration and packet loss problems, many of them by Jones own admission DreamHost fault. After considerable re configuring and reworking, the company solved the setup problems.

Saturday, July 22nd, wrote Jones, building lost power. when power returned, it was at reduced levels and did not support the building cooling systems, which made it difficult to keep servers online. This outage also produced serious and widely reported downtime for personal networking giant MySpace, which also occupies part of the Garland Building, and chose to keep its servers offline until cooling was restored.

Friday, July 28th, we lost power again, wrote Jones. time, we were able to get our entire system back up much quicker and with close to no problems. Of course, it had been less than a week since our last power outage. network and power troubles continued for DreamHost, which managed to get its services back to normal operations around the beginning of August.

Jones unusually detailed explanation prompted an outpouring of opinion, with more than 400 replies posted to the blog entry, most of them by customers, and most of those expressing solidarity, encouragement and even gratitude.

not going anywhere, and this blog post is a big reason why, wrote a user named Kevin in a posting very typical of the general tone. for explaining what going on and being up front about everything. posting also caught the attention of marketing bloggers, who praised the company for being so forthright in a situation that would cause more than a few firms to withdraw or make excuses.

one: he wrote, things get messed up, being clear, self critical and apologetic is really the only way to deal with customers if you expect them to give you another chance.

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ralph lauren online canada They are the only station that does not run with strictly liberal reporters

CNN and All the Other Networks Are

During a tour on the Sunday morning television circuit, the guru behind President Obamas election effort told ABCs George Stephanopoulos Its really not news " its pushing a point of view. And the bigger thing is that other news organizations like yours ought not to treat them that way, and were not going to treat them that way. Were going to appear on their shows. Were going to participate but understanding that they represent a point of view.

In recent weeks, some honest assessments by FOX News have prompted the White House to call a war of sorts on Fox. They refused to allow the President to appear on the network a few weeks back when he went on every network including the Spanish station Univision, to make a desperate pitch for healthcare and since then several hosts on different Fox programs have not even received responses to repeated invitations for interviews.

Clearly, the President does not like Fox. His own Chief of Staff and henchman Rahm Emanuel said on CNNs State of The Union that Fox is not a news organization so much as it has a perspective.

What I find funny is not the White Houses dislike for Fox News. It is the reason why they dislikeFox and how since Rupert Murdochs premier news and opinion gathering outlet doesnt simply rollover andkiss their collective arses, to a liberal, that is crazy rightwing radicalism. Give me a break. Liberals of every color and stripe hate the station. They all like to sit in the kitchen but they cant take the heat. They can give criticism but they cant take it. For decades, the lamestream media has been dominated by a liberal bias. Yet that to them is acceptable but Fox News isnt.

Try to be honest folks. At least for just a minute. I mean I can, so why cant you? I can admit that radio talk shows are dominated by conservative hosts. From Limbaugh to Levine, Ingrahm toHannity, conservatives dominate the radio dial.There. I admit it. I have to, because there is no denying it. I mean, beween the proliferation and popularity of consevative ralk radio and the dreary ratings and ongoing failures of attempts to air liberal radio talkshow programs makes it quite obvious that there is a big market out there seeking the conservative perspective. On the flip side, Air America has a an audience so small, that string and cups are all that is needed to reach them. These are facts am honest about them and I do not deny them.

For sure, Fox News does not glaze over facts such asthat ofPresident Obamas approval numbers trending downward or that the more he pushed for his government run health management and care reforms, the quicker those ratings of his dropped. You can bet your butt that when the President goes abroad and calls America names, someone on Fox is going to point it out.

Because there is absolutely no journalistic integrity left in the business of news these days and no other network will bring it up. The field of news is dominated by partisan liberal ideologues who use every gigabyte of the internet, every electronic transmission and every ounce of ink, to defend the President for anything that he does while at the same time,that which is indefensible,issimply ignored.

These are facts folks. Those of you liberal lunatics who believe that two plus two equals three and that because it does not equal four, it can be considered a tax cut, need to get out of the parallel universe you float around. Those of you liberal losers who are cursing me out at this very moment, yeah, I mean you, the Davids, the Scotts and Sammys or Sarahs, Sallys and Susies out there. All of you who like to use Fox News as some kind of tool to fuel your hatred and blame others who disagree with you, of being brainwashed by Fox News, need to wake up. Just because someone does not agree with yourkumbaya, head up your hinnies, holier than thou mentality, doesnt mean they are brainwashed or that Fox News is doing any brainwashing. Do you really think that Fox is the only 24 hour news outlet that also carries commentators who state their opinions? HAVE YOU PAID ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU WATCH?

You numbskulls really think that Fox is not a news outlet because they also hav commentators that present their opinions? Us that what even your leading numbskulls are actually going on national news to discuss?You guys actually have the nerve to single out Fox Newsas being biased and condemn the station for that?

For What? For doing the EXACT same thing that ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC do?

I have long held the belief that Democrats are hypocrites and that their liberal ideology is hypocrisy based. That hypocrisy is usually demonstrated every time you open your dumb mouths. That is one reason why I encourage your comments and angry tirades. Through them, you prove me right all the time. But in the case of your infatuation with Fox News, your insanely unhealthy infatuation with that network, and only them,makes it evident to everyone other than yourselves that you are hypocrites

You actually have the nerve, gall and audacity to be disgusted with Fox News for not overlooking the flaws and foibles of liberals and then you call them a station promoting a conservative agenda while saying nothing about literally every other existing network, media outlet and group of reporters and commentators on your favorite programs.

Please tell me where and when any of the following lamestream media liberals do not promote a pro leftwing perspective;

Larry King, Wolf Blitzer, Katie Couric, Matt Lower, Meredith Vieira, Contessa Brewer, Campbel Brown,Ann Curry, Katie Couric, Nora ODonnell, John King, Kiran Chetry, Miles Obrien, Anderson Cooper, Candy Crowley, Mika Brezinski, Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann.

And thats to name just a few.

But go ahead, please tell me where these people deliver an unbiased news report.

Youwanna claim that Fox is biased? Who was Dan Rather working for when he failed to verify the validity of falsified documents that allowed him to falsely tell the nation that President Bush went AWOL and deserted his command in the Air National Guard?

Good Lord, you people are hypocrites. Your are shameless buffoons who live by double standards and survive on hypocrisy. You claimed it was patriotic to protest President Bush but now claim it is unpatriotic to disagree with President Obama. You are highly offended by fringe elements who depict President Obama as Hitler but you made copies of images that made George Bush look like Hitler and proceeded to laugh yourselves to tears.

You are hypocrites. Face it. You are lying hypocrites. So put those fingers down and stop pointing them at Fox News. Starti pointing them at the endless array of journalistic prostitutes that you TiVo and talk about around the office water cooler or, in your case, the unemployment line.

But before you get ready to shoot off one of your hypocrisy proving comments, I want to let you in on a big secret. Fox News is not liberal. Can you believe it? They are the only station that does not run with strictly liberal reporters, commentators and guests. While Rachel Maddow shows clips of tribute to Nancy Pelosi and then cozies up to her for a softball interview, Neil Cavuto will interview a Barney Frank and then turn to a Newt Gingrich for a counterpoint. Hmmm, maybe that is what is fair and balanced, while shows like Countdown to Nothing with Keith Olbermann or Softball with the Screwball Chris Matthews are unstable and biased.

Heres another secret. While you are crying about what you believe is the overwhelmingly biased coverage of one, onestation, that you think is conservative, all those other so called news outfits that you like and listen to, well their ratings consistently come in well under those of Fox. So while you may hate Fox, believe it or not, a lot more people like Fox than they do your favorite liberal network.

Oh, and one other thing. I am a conservative and I can tell you this, Fox News may not be a liberal based outfit, but they are not conservative . If you were to compare Fox to any partisan politician, you would have to label them as a Rino. And I do not like Rhinos very much.

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ralph lauren online canada While DigitalOcean still has less than half as many web facing computers as Amazon

DigitalOcean Second Largest Hosting Company Behind AWS

DigitalOcean is now the second largest hosting company in the world, by web facing computers. This is according to Netcraft’s May 2015 Hosting Provider Server Count, released last week, which shows that DigitalOcean has grown to host over 163,000 web facing computers, passing French host OVH for second among providers behind AWS.

DigitalOcean’s rapid rise from startup to IaaS heavyweight is emblematic of cloud computing in general. The cloud provider’s growth rate surpassed AWS in late 2013, and became the third largest web facing cloud in November 2014. In December DigitalOcean received $50 million in funding, which was earmarked to enable the company to keep up with the demands imposed by adding so many customers so quickly.

Resource management software company Mesosphere released an auto provisioning tool in October for DigitalOcean customers to build additional fault tolerance and scalability into their application development environments. DigitalOcean expanded its infrastructure with a presence in Telx’s SCL2 data center in Caifornia in February and added a German region with a Frankfurt data center in April.

While DigitalOcean still has less than half as many web facing computers as Amazon, it will expand its product line to fuel growth in the near future. "We only delivered a single product to date in a meaningful way, and that’s the Droplet," co founder and CEO Ben Uretsky told the WHIR in a January interview. "There’s so much more that our customers are asking for, and I can’t wait to deliver that." DigitalOcean’s number of web facing computers has increased by over 100 percent since May 2014.

While it has been expanding geographically and working on new products, DigitalOcean has also introduced a FeeBSD offering as its first non Linux OS, and launched a second version of its API. FreeBSD servers are considered reliable, as Netcraft’s Paul Mutton notes "it was not unusual to see web facing FreeBSD servers with literally years of uptime in the past." Mutton points to DigitalOcean’s low prices and relatively easy set up and provisioning as reasons for the cloud host’s smashing success.

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